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IJSA in collaboration with EUROSAF, launches a new project to overcome the lack of high quality services in the junior sailing world. These services can be useful to federations, clubs and individual sailors across Europe. We offer innovative preparation programs that focus both on the academic and athletic level and can open up opportunities for students to enter american colleges participating in the ICSA championships ( and also access scholarships from these institutions

We think that creating new opportunities for young sailors is crucial. The path of Olympic sailing is destined for few athletes (for quality and budget reasons) and many sailors abandon the sport completely between the ages of 17 and 25.
Interview with Eurosaf President Marco Predieri

 Where does the Lake Garda Academy project come from and what does it aim to achieve in the recent future?

The project was created to overcome some issues in the junior sailing world. I like the idea that any young high level sailor in Europe could, in the future, become and olympic athlete but also that he could have the opportunity to study, accessing specific scholarships, in the best universities on the planet. If through Eurosaf we have the power to support this and help inform sailors across Europe I think it is a great thing. For these reasons we thought of an Academy to satisfy this specific demand.

By creating an alternative to professionalism and opening a new, wider, path that leads to university sailing we are hoping keep more and more of our young sailors in the racing environment!
We believe that informing and supporting all worthy athletes of the existence of university sailing that combines high level sports and academic programs is part of the future and will be a boost for the sport.

Interview with College Sailing President Mitch Brindley


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