Clinics are special training sessions with high level coaches that focus on the specific needs of athletes. The objective is to help athletes improve all aspects of their sailing and give the opportunity of training with high-level and olympic sailors and experienced coaches.


To take advantage of the IJSA offer while living at home. This five year program has the objective of guiding students, through constant counselling, interaction and check-ups to the final goal of pursuing a sailing career in international universities.
ISAF President Carlo Croce

"These Academies will be open to everyone but they mainly aim to give young sailors an important background in a short period of time, before they start sailing in olympic classes, especially for those coming from countries that do not have a great sailing tradition. The objective is for a novice to be able to learn in three months what he would learn in three years back in his home country"

By creating an alternative to professionalism and opening a new, wider, path that leads to university sailing we are hoping keep more and more of our young sailors in the racing environment! IJSA believes that informing and supporting all worthy athletes of the existence of university sailing circuits, such as College Sailing, that combine high level sports and academic programs is part of the future and will be a boost for the sport. At IJSA we want to stress the importance of the academic development not only to successfully complete our programs but also to develop into complete elite athletes. For this reason we require athletes to show the same commitment in sailing and in school and the Team includes a teacher that will periodically evaluate the athletes academic progress.
The Academy aims to create an international learning environment, the main languages for the programs will be Italian and English with all instructors speaking at least 2 or 3 languages fluently to help in assisting all students.

Train with the best...

a unique training experience for the young athletes brought by experienced winning coaches with the help of important athletes and other relevant guests

And find new motivation...

thanks to the College Placement program you will have the opportunity to reconsider your future and prepare for new exciting experiences.
Discover the opportunities and achievements that can build up from your athletic career

In the perfect location...

on Lake Garda, the ‘gym of sailing’, with school, boarding house and fitness center just steps away from Circolo Nautico Brenzone. The perfect place to improve and have fun!